Dress For The Journey.....................

FoolProof Studio

My art is wearable.
Not only do I experience joy from the process of foraging materials to repurpose, like vintage beading or my signature bottle caps, but i'm also inspired by an object's history, visual pattern and rich texture. I enjoy the problem solving aspect of assembling diverse materials and absolutely love creating new 'costuming' for street or stage.

Photo: obliviousmonkey
FoolProofStudio is the “professional umbrella” of Lee Kobus, who currently offers two lines of Ready To Wear as well as custom and collaborative options.

-The Urchindise Collection: These hand crafted 'Intentional Adornments' are somewhat repeatable designs (kinda like different children from the same parents).

-The Oneoffski Collection: With a tip of the hat to family ancestry, the design of this costuming tells its own unique story. These pieces are simply one of a kind.

-The Whooknew Collection: Custom or collaborative work is often the hallmark of a professional dancer, these options are both time consuming and detail oriented. Design and construction of costumes, made capable of handling the rigors of stage life are explored and understood from having a background in both "the work a day world" of industrial art as well as experience with dance performance.

Model: Zoe Jakes • Photographer: Michael B. Estes
"I've been deeply honored to work with and be sought out by women who support this tradition of Craft."  LeeKey@FoolProofStudio.com

Model: Giselle Sibyl • Photographer: Shami Kiely