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Sunday, January 16, 2011

ShadowDance Fashion Show!

     Fashion Shows are often a lot of hard work to put together. And when you have several designers working on it at once, and everyone is backstage with their various jobs that are required to pull off a little show like this, we actually have no or a very limited idea of what this looks like from the audience. As seasoned performers and artists who have had a lot of background in stage performing, we can visualize how we want it to look. We can stage it how we want the models to walk. We can direct the models in what we want them to do. We can talk to stage and lighting crew and get the most we can out of what's available at each venue. But we cant sit in the audience and watch. Not yet. So here is our show and we hope you like it!

You can contact any of the designers and artists by clicking on their pages or going to:

We are very happy to say that despite the club lighting, this looks pretty amazing! We do pull some great looks together. We work well together, we problem solve without too much ego getting in the way, and we have a lot of fun!

Its also nice to have dancers available who know how to pose, move, and show off the outfits with relative ease - they can tell a story with what they are wearing and make it look easy.

Thank you to Ariellah for inviting us to participate in ShadowDance as both vendors and entertainment!

Thank you to the models for your patience, and for your grace and beauty!

Thank you to Jessie Cowan of Crops and Bobbers for your uber amazing hair and makeup!

Thank you to Melanie Shapiro for assisting with hair and makeup!

Thank you to Bellyscape for the video!

And we thank ourselves/each other at Salome's Suitcase - this is a rare group of strong creative women who work very hard to make the world a nicer looking journey for you.

Designers/Artisans  in this show:
FoolProof Studio
Katherine Summer
HiBeam Bindis
Sandi's Ocean
Minerva's Antennae

Models in order of appearance:
Elizabeth Strong wearing Fool Proof Studio
Natalie Nayun wearing a Salome's Suitcase Collective look
Predislava Derugin wearing a Salome's Suitcase Collective look
Amaryst Bauer wearing Fool Proof Studio
Scottie Chapman wearing Fool Proof Studio
Rose Nisker wearing Katherine Summer
Sandi Ball wearing KathleenCrowleyCostumeCouture
Molly Mitchell wearing KathleenCrowleyCostumeCouture
Amber Burke wearing KathleenCrowleyCostumeCouture
Jamie Lynn wearing Katherine Summer

Some models were wearing HiBeam Bindis and awesome jewelry from the Sandi's Ocean collection.

Miss Levine by Beats Antique

Please let us know if you modeled for us and would like a link added to your name!