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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Salome's Suitcase Spring Trunk Sale!!

SS will be having a Spring Trunk Show today at 1pm! There will be new things, standard classics, and a few mark downs - sorry for the last minute, but some of us have been vending at Tribal Massive and threw this together for those of you who couldnt go to Vegas with us!!! We've been racing the clock to have some new adornments for your wearing pleasure!!

Come out and play, try things on, laugh, admire yourselves in the mirror, catch up on the latest and eat snacks!

We will be in the lovely Minerva's Antennae studio in the Mission! Please come down and say hi!

2886 16th street
Suite B
San Francisco, Ca

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Tribal Massive

Members of Salome's Suitcase will be vending and being represented at Tribal Massive this year! Look for Minerva's Antennae, Medina Maitreya, and FoolProof  Studio at 5star Boutique! It is rumored that there will be HiBeam Bindis there as well - along with a few pairs of Kathleen Crowley's Sampants! Be there or ........well, you know!

Sunday, February 26th at 6:30pm
inside Backstage Dance Studio located at:
3425 Backstage Blvd.
Las Vegas NV 89121

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fluffie Rufflie Patterns Available In Our Etsy Store!!

Kathleen Crowley's Fluffie Rufflie Patterns are available in the Salome's Suitcase Etsy Store!

These are  Multi - sized Fluffie Rufflie  Pants Patterns!
Now you can sew up your very own!

Model: Elizabeth Mahina Souza

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Edwardian Ball 2012

FoolProof and Minervas' Antennae were spotted selling their wares at the San Francisco 2012 Edwardian Ball - these were taken at the Saturday free admission shopping day. Yes, that is Kristine Adams of FatChanceBellyDance getting some amazing FoolProof bling!

Its Been Quiet In Here, But Its Still Sparkly!

Well, some of us are not good at blogging and some of us have had a rough year, and some of us have been super busy, and some of us have been on the road and movin and a groovin......................but we're still here.............please check out our pages and keep checking in here! Many of us are vending fairly regularly!

 And check out our Salome's Suitcase Etsy shop to see what good stuff you can buy!!!

FoolProof Studio

 Hand Ornaments & Headdress ~ FoolProof Studio
Wick Kihara Sakit ~ photography
Sharon Kihara Sakit ~ model